$12 Everlasting Obituary

We believe obituaries should be affordable and easy to post online. Use our simple form to upload an obituary of almost any length and up to three pictures. You can choose whether to make it publicly searchable or viewable only by those with whom you provide the permanent link.

Ad-free and Respectfully Designed

Clean, simple layout to make your special memorial stand out and not get distracted by advertisements, loud backgrounds and other visual clutter. See an example.

Independent and Transparent

We are not associated with any newspapers or other legacy technologies or websites. We do not try to upsell you on any flowers, funeral arrangements or other products. You can place an everlasting obituary here regardless of when the person has passed.

Quick Facts

More questions? Feel free to contact us or visit the help page.


There is only one price, currently $12 per obituary. There are no add-ons, upsells or "premium" features. We accept credit cards and PayPal.


Obituaries can be almost any length (up to 2,000 words.) Content must not be obscene or defamatory and will be reviewed before publishing.


If you choose to make the obituary public, it will be indexed and searchable by the major search engines at no extra charge.


Anyone can post an obituary, but the subject person must be deceased.


Up to three images can be included in an obituary. You must own the pictures or have permission from the owners. All images will be reviewed for content.


For more information see the full help page, terms of use and privacy policy.