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How this site came to be:

I developed this site after the death of my grandmother at age 99. I wanted to honor her long life, and to have a way to let far-flung friends and relatives, some of whom had gotten out of touch, know about her passing. Her local newspaper charged by the word and wanted almost $200 to publish the obituary I had written. A larger metropolitan paper I contacted declined to write a feature obituary because I contacted them a few months too late and they deemed it "not timely." If the obituary did not appear in the newspapers, the large obituary websites would not carry it.

Despite being discouraged by the significant cost and other limitations placed on my desire to honor my grandmother's life and let others know about her, I made my own single page website to post my grandmother's obituary. As I thought that others might be in a similar situation, I decided to expand the plans a bit and make it possible for anyone to post an obituary for a nominal fee. This site would be just as accessible as any other obituary site and the listings would show up in the same search engines so that others who knew the individual could access his or her obituary. EverObits is the result. I hope that you find the site manageable and a helpful, everlasting way to honor your loved ones.