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Are these really free? Yes, we offer a free obituary that includes one photograph and a permanent, custom link. We also have a paid option with additional features.

What are the paid options? For a nominal one-time fee of $15 the obituary can have up to five additional photographs, a comments section that never expires and an optional private link.

Why should I pick this site over other free obituary sites? Other "free" obituary sites usually try to sell you various funeral-related items or harvest your information for marketing purposes. We do neither.

Will you sell my information? We do not sell your personal information.

Are the obituaries ad-free? Free obituaries may have an unobtrusive ad somewhere on the page. Paid obituaries are ad-free.

Why use this site? Most obituaries are subject to restrictive rules set up by networks of newspapers. They tend to be expensive and limited by length. Some newspapers hesitate to post an obituary if too much time has passed since a person's death.

Will people be able to find these obituaries? Obituaries on this site are just as searchable as on any other similar site, and should be available through all search engines. In fact, our obituaries are easier to find than ones buried in a newspaper's website

Can anyone post an obituary? Anyone can post an obituary as long as the subject person is deceased and meets our terms of use.

Can an existing obituary be reposted here? Yes, as long as you have permission from the author to do so. Our terms state that you must own any content you submit to this site for posting

Can people leave comments? You can select whether to allow comments to be posted to the obituary you submit.

What are the best photo options? Photos are optional, but we suggest 300 x 600 pixels for best results. The maximum file size is 8MB per image.

Obituary Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help you write an obituary:

An obituary is the notice of a person's death.

Generally information regarding names of relatives, date and location of birth and death, and service information is included in an obituary. Unlike other medium, such as newspapers, EverObits provides a very generous word allowance (2,000 words, equivalent to approximately five typed pages of text), so you can include information here for which there is very often not enough space in a typical newspaper obituary, such as descriptions of the person's interests, achievements, stories, and discussion of those relationships that were particularly important to them. This is information about your loved one that will last for generations on the Internet. Below are a few links to provide you with some assistance in how to write an obituary to honor your loved one.